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Play Now Naruto RPG Game

A game for anyone that likes ninjas or naruto. Although it is only browser based most of the fun comes from competing with other players.

Play Now Bleach RPG Game

A game for anyone that likes swords and Bleach(the manga and anime). Although it is only browser based most of the fun comes from competing with other players.

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 charecter template

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PostSubject: charecter template   Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:54 am

Race – elf, human, dog, etc
Preferred weapon style / weapon - ninja, shaman, mage, etc / sword, bow, axe, etc
homeworld* - what is your main home world?

earth - counts to places where one can reach by foot, water, or air
astral - Aka. astral world a parallel plane, beings of this world cannot exist without a ally on earth, they can only travel between their world and earth
monster - references to yu-gi-oh you live in another world a world inhabited by monsters
spirit - references to shaman king and Naruto, you can be a ghost or spirit of some sort
outer world - also known as another world, this applys to star ocean and kingdom hearts based roleplays

Appearance – 5 line min, be descriptive
Persona - 5 line min, be descriptive
social site name* - this is the username of any social site you are from
History* - must have for cannons, and TNR roleplay
Sp skill/bloodline power* – this is a sp power or skill you may have
Clan* - name of the clan you are in
default artes / battle skills - choose 4 or copy and paste template from creations


~ Ones that have a * on it is optional for original creations, must if you use a cannon or a Roleplay character imported form theninja-rpg.com
~ clans are currently unused
~ you only need the name of your bloodline power here

~ those with astral and outer world will have to put in the following

astral - special power ( this takes the place of bloodline as one of this world origin often can do things normal humans cannot.

outer world
star ocean based - no change as a spaceship is often used, keep in mind in the eyes of star ocean, some anime themes will be seen as a underdeveloped planet if one decides to role play in it

kingdom hearts based - change your weapon a path ( light, darkness, twilight) and describe your would be keyblade, appearance and all, or keep the same, since keyblades choose their masters, keyblade users will start off from anywhere but their main base will be the kingdom hearts section, they use a keyblade glider or a gummi ship to travel around, if you are not chosen your weapon will be a normal weapon that anyone will use

additional notes - those who are already been approved it is up to you to change it

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PostSubject: Re: charecter template   Sun Sep 18, 2011 2:26 am

yu-gi-oh duelist

as a duellist change your weapon to cards and add the following under with a space between removeing bloodline

duelist type: normal, turbo, both, psycic

normal - you duel on the ground
turbo - you duel while riding on bikes known as duel runners , or duel boards. with use of speed spells in place of magic cards.
both - you duel with anyways possible
psycic - when you duel you can make monsters become real and not just holograms.

duelist generation : this is the deck play style

first - first gen seies
second - Gx series
third - 5Ds series ( syncros)
forth - Zexeal ( zexeed summon - Xyz monsters )

main deck type - can be a general name or element/type name ( make a list of 40 card names this is your starter deck )
duel style - how you fight
orentantion - neutural, light, dark ( this determains if you may become a pawn of a shadow game shadow game has different cases depending on generation)

first/second - shadow game , one may lose their soul terms used ( shadow rider, rare hunter)
third - signer , dark signer , they all have key cards known as earthbound immortals and signer dragons
Zexeal - numbers hunter one who hunts the numbers cards
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PostSubject: Re: charecter template   Sun Sep 18, 2011 7:57 pm

weapon styles are taken from final fantasy 3 and fire emblem , they are the base of what artes you can use so choose according to your weapon style

i.e ninja / perf. weapon - swords
this means i choose from the ninja section 4 starters or i make my own , starting point stage 1 artes
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PostSubject: Re: charecter template   

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charecter template
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