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 12 swords adventure

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PostSubject: 12 swords adventure   12 swords adventure EmptySun Mar 11, 2012 3:38 am


Stealth and urgency was mandatory. Discovery would only mean dire consequences. At least the night granted him ample cover. He was able to slip away from the tower unseen. The bodies wouldn't matter, he would be gone before the Cammara goons even knew what was going on.

The cold air hurt his lungs. He had to run. The forest surrounding the tower was thick. It would be impossible for them to follow him.

He felt at his side for the sword - it was still there. He had risked much to reclaim it. Men had been slain, property had been destroyed. It would not suffice for it to be in the possession of the Cammara guild. The consequences would be dire in the least

He ran for at least 20 minutes, until he approached the clearing that had been the designated meeting place. He was to pass the sword into the right hands. Hands that would make sure that this artifact would never be in wrong hands again.

While catching his breath, a dozen cloaked men stepped out of the shadows. Their dark brown cloaks concealed all of their features, except their jeweled swords. The men circled around him and planted the points of their swords in the ground, resting their hands on the hilts.

One of the cloaked men stepped into the circle. He seemed to be the leader of these men, and he was older too.

"Do you have the sword, Kireek?"

"I have it here."

"We must make haste, the enemy could catch onto us at any moment."

Kireek handed the sword to the cloaked man. As the man grasped the scabbard, a wide grin eminated from his face.

"Thank you for your cooperation, Kireek."

The man turned to his men.

"Kill him."


For time immemorial, the swords have existed. They flit across history, dropping in and out of the stories of civilizations throughout time. Every time they appear, it seems the very fabric of the world is shaken. They are the stuff of legend, dream and nightmare. Not even the wisest of sages can say where they come from or how they were made. But what anyone can tell you is that, with one of the twelve, a peasant can slay a dragon. Luckily, these swords only pop up infrequently, and never more than one or two at once.

That has all changed. A group, known as the Seekers, have undertaken quests to find these swords. It is unknown how they are able to ascertain the locations, but Demonic help is suspected. They are a shadowy group that no one really knows about or sees. Hearsay is the only reliable evidence of thier existence, no one knows for sure if they really even exist.

The truth is they do exist, and they have a sword. They are concealing the fact because they know that the Elven King has one of his own and knows how to use it.

The land also has more problems than the swords alone. Hordes of orcs and other monstrous humanoids threaten the outskirts of civilization. Undead legions have been spotted in the midst of the borders of the Kingdoms. Evil wizards create plots, and Unholy warriors pave the path of war.

The Twelve Swords

Not even the oldest of sages know the origin of these legendary weapons. Some say even the gods don't know. What is known is that they are immensely powerful, even rumored powerful enough to kill a god. Anyone who wields even one of these swords commands great power, enough power to change the world.

The Sword of Force
The Sword of Siege
The Sword of Justice
The Sword of Stealth
The Sword of Mercy
The Sword of Mind
The Sword of Despair
The Sword of Fury
The Sword of Wisdom
The Sword of Vengeance
The Sword of Chance
The Sword of Heroes

The different powerful entities have different viewpoints, with these being the most common:

The swords should all be collected and stored in a hard to breach location for their safety
Forget about the swords. They are not as powerful as everyone believes them to be
Mortals should not wield artifacts of such power. Divine intervention should remove them
We have the swords, let us exploit them to our advantage


Mark is the son of the blacksmith Jord, one of the conscripted smiths that aided Vulcan in forging the Swords, losing his arm in the process. Jord received Townsaver as "payment" for his services. A decade later, as the rich and powerful become aware of the Swords, a Duke's cousin attempts to take Townsaver from Jord by force. Unfortunately, Townsaver was in Mark's older brother's hands, and he was forced to watch as his brother dies in employing it to defend his mother and sister from a party of bandits who also wanted the sword. During the battle Mark accidentally kills the Duke's cousin. Grabbing the Sword, Mark flees for his life, as the vengeful Duke pursues him.

Even from an early age, Mark is tall and has strength of mind and character. He joins the ranks of the Arthurian Sir Andrew as a teenager, and follows him in many battles against the evil warlords bent on controlling the Swords. In one mission, Mark manages to rescue the princess regent of the land of Tasavalta, becoming her consort in the process. This leads to Mark becoming prince and ruler over the small kingdom. Tasavalta becomes home to many of the Swords, where they are heavily guarded and kept out of the hands of evildoers.

Mark eventually finds out that his biological father was not Jord, but that he is one of the many illegitimate children of the Emperor. This gives him several mystical powers in addition to his considerable mundane ones. Mark is the principal protagonist of the series, and probably the single most experienced human in dealing with the Twelve Swords of Power, with the possible exception of Jord.
[edit] Ben

Ben becomes Mark's best friend after he is forced to flee from the wrath of the Duke. They remain steadfast friends throughout the series. Ben is a heavily-built, powerful, and extremely plain boy, who grows over the course of the series into a stalwart and dependable man. Since Mark is a paragon of virtue and heroism, Ben plays the role of a more believable and emotionally developed character for the reader to identify with. He suffers setbacks, is frequently unlucky in love, is constantly underestimated by foes and unappreciated by friends. Ben has at times been a dragon slayer's apprentice, Blue Temple guard, soldier, and aspiring minstrel.
[edit] Emperor

The Emperor is the most powerful individual in the Swords universe. He is extremely mysterious, and in fact is seen as nothing more than a fairy-tale character by many. He is seemingly immune to all forms of magic and is described as a "consummate magician" himself. There is some question as to whether he is immune to the Swords. Early in the series he seems to be driven away by the threat of Soulcutter and only approaches it, later, with the aid of Shieldbreaker; however, when Draffut is wielding Sightblinder, the Emperor is not fooled. He orders about, banishes, and even destroys demonic forces on a whim. He acts in ways that are hard for characters and the reader to comprehend.

The Emperor is often referred to as the Great Clown because of his penchant for wearing masks and allegedly playing pranks. When unmasked, he appears to be an average middle aged man dressed in plain gray robes. The Emperor has begotten many illegitimate children, to the point where "Emperor's child" is a common colloquialism for any urchin, orphan, or bastard. However, true descendants of the Emperor have a measure of his power over evil, though they are often unaware they possess it. A person with Imperial blood flowing in their veins may banish demons by giving a command in his name. A commonly used phrase is the rhyme "in the Emperor's name, forsake this game, and begone", which is good enough to hurl a demon to the proximity of lunar orbit.

The Emperor also has a mysterious romance with Queen Yambu. When she was a teen, without power and in mortal danger, the Emperor was her friend, ally, and lover. However, on attaining her throne, the two became estranged for many years, with the ambitious, proud, and distrustful Yambu threatened by his power, masculinity, and poor reputation. The Emperor repeatedly attempts to reconcile with Yambu throughout the series. When she is old and powerless, she finally agrees.

Late in the series the Emperor identifies himself thus: "Some long ago have called me the Sabbath, or the Covenant--Some have called me Wisdom. Some lately have said that I am the Program of Creation."
[edit] Vilkata

The Dark King, known also as Vilkata, is one of the chief antagonists of the series, and sworn enemy of Mark. Vilkata is a powerful sorcerer and master of many demons. He will do anything to gain an upper hand over his enemies; as a younger man he gouged out his own eyes as a sacrifice in order to gain the power required to get revenge over ones who had wronged him. Since then he uses minor demons kept in thrall to give him a bizarre form of telepathic vision. He traditionally wears black cloaks over stylized armor. He bears a ringlet of gold on his brow that keeps his long silver hair swept back. His eye sockets are empty—Vilkata wears no patches or blindfold to hide them which many find unnerving. He employs scorched earth, torture, and other deplorable tactics liberally to strike fear in any who would oppose them. Though an accomplished and feared warlock in his own right, what elevates Vilkata to a global threat is his frequent possession of the terrible Mindsword.
[edit] Wood

Wood, also known as the Ancient One, is an evil wizard of vast power who long ago gave up his humanity, if he ever possessed the quality in the first place. He represents the arch-villain of the Swords series. According to lore, the only living beings older than Wood are the 50,000-year-old Draffut and the Great Worm Yilgarn, who has also existed for many thousands of years. Wood has not actually lived 50,000 years; He was saved from the nuclear holocaust of Orcus' demise by being brought forward through time. Wood is mostly humanoid in shape, though he sports hair, claws, and horns like a beast, and has small bat-wings sprouting from his back. He often rides on the back of a griffin. Wood fears little in life with the exception of the Swords he does not possess and one or two of the most powerful demons left over from the very end of the Old World. His mastery of magic, experience, and ruthless cunning make him a most puissant foe.

additional infomation found at

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PostSubject: Re: 12 swords adventure   12 swords adventure EmptySun Mar 11, 2012 8:18 am

Sword of mind relic

2 hit dice if used + 5 attack mod longsword 5 turns
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12 swords adventure
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