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 12 swords adventure - Notes:

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PostSubject: 12 swords adventure - Notes:   Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:32 pm


also known more fully as ability points you can allocate them to the following areas, AP will be given at the completion of a plot event, and missions. The missions can be anything from errands to having to kill someone.

GP :

this is credit for you to buy items, services, all that other good stuff. GP can be from drops , plot events and missions. The missions can be anything from errands to having to kill someone. Starting GP is determined by class


Strength: Dexterity: Intelligence: Constitution: Wisdom: Charisma: or HP , the amount given at each level is determined by Skill Ranks per Level according to your class, choose to raise whatever you feel like. You will need 5 AP to gain the first level + 5 for each additional level to raise again, there is no max level for this.

I will classify this as role level which is the character’s level for that class, I will allow muti-classing and specialist roles, the max level anyone can be is determined by D&D which is 20. You will need 10 AP to raise the level of that class by one + 10 more points for each level up afterword . there is one exception classes that fall to one alignment cannot multiclass, unless the class is the same alignment.

Character Lv :

This one will not be used but will be determined by the role level of the class.

Muti-classing and specialist role:

I will allow one person to choose up to 2 main class and one sub- class the main class can go up to Lv 20 and the sub class can go up to 10 max, which makes 30 the max level anyone can have this will be known as a specialist role

additional info

all magic and weapons from final fantasy XII will and can be used by all classes as a at-will action

white magic : paladins and clerics gain a +2 mod for using them
black magic : Sorcerer, Wizard, summoner gain a +2 effect for using them
time magic : no change
green magic : no change
arcane magic : any non lawful / good class gain a +2 effect for using them

a full list can be found at http://www.ffextreme.com/ff12/magicks.html

weapons : http://www.ffextreme.com/ff12/weapons.html

accessorys : http://www.ffextreme.com/ff12/accessories.html

armor : http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Final_Fantasy_XII_Armor

i will grant the use of the following summons FFIV

Chocobo - "Chocobo Kick"
Dragon (Mist) - "Radiant Breath"
Titan - "Gaia's Wrath"
Shiva - "Diamond Dust"
Ramuh (Indra) - "Judgment Bolt"
Ifrit (Jinn) - "Hellfire"
Asura - "Asura's Boon"
Leviathan (Leviatan) - "Tidal Wave"
Odin - "Zantetsuken"
Sylph - "Whispering Wind"
Bahamut - "Megaflare"
Goblin (Imp) - "Goblin Punch"
Bomb - "Responsible Bomb Use"
Mindflayer (Mage) - "Mind Blast"
Cockatrice - "Petrifying Beak" (Note: This summon was dummied out of the US Super NES release and called Dummy).

list found at http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Summons only summoners and shaman class can use summons

timelines: a timeline will be played the PCs that are in the current time will appear as NPCs in the alternate timeline which takes place in the future of the land, keep in mind that not all classes can cross time , and paradoxes will also appear in places where the timeline overlaps in the future.

if you have any questions .Re here

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PostSubject: roleplay : 12 swords / the eternal night notes   Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:37 am

the 12 swords is the main setting and the eternal night is the alternate setting that takes place in the future of the set , it involves tougher challenges and what happens in the main setting can influence what happens in the eternal night setting, via paradoxes (FFXIII-2) so the events will be linked PCs that appear in the main will be seen as NPC in the alternate timeline all other rules will remain the same.
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12 swords adventure - Notes:
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