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A game for anyone that likes ninjas or naruto. Although it is only browser based most of the fun comes from competing with other players.

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A game for anyone that likes swords and Bleach(the manga and anime). Although it is only browser based most of the fun comes from competing with other players.

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 Tristen A. Wolfe

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RP Character
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PostSubject: Tristen A. Wolfe   Fri May 11, 2012 4:35 am

Name: Tristen A. Wolfe
Age: Unknown (Looks 18 years old)
Race – Ookami (wolf boy)
Preferred weapon style / weapon - All Weapons
homeworld - Wolf Lair

Appearance – A tall young man, he is slim and walks gracfully. He wears a Dark shirt and and black pants. he left shoulder is covered in armor.
Persona - He is a cold attitude. He is kind and caring at times, espiceally to the ones he loves.
Sp skill/bloodline power – Wolf Rage
Clan - Wolfe Clan
default artes / battle skills -

Name: Thousand Blade Storm
Rank: SSS
Arte Type: Physical
Descrotion: He throws a single glowing sword into the clouds, creating thunderstorms clouds causing swords to rain from the sky.
bonus: Causes Bleed for several turns

Name: 360 Shield Defense
Rank: SSS
Arte Type: Physical
Description: Sheilds suround him in a complete defensero protect him against damage.
Bonus: Perfect Defense for a few turns

Name: Hellish Sword Obliteration
Rank: God
Arte Type: Divine
Description: He pulls out a blood red sword and a black sword, peircing his enmies and set a the swords a blaze he calls upon the wrath of the devil and god to completely burn the impaled enemy.
Bonus: Burn damage lasting till the end of battle and bleeding damage lasting till end of battle.

Name: Wolf Prince Summon
Rank: H
Arte Type: Summon
Desription: He calls upon the spirits of the wolves to summon his best friend To fight beside him.
Bonus: Amarok the wolf prince joins battle.
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Tristen A. Wolfe
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