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 astrael starfyre

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PostSubject: astrael starfyre   astrael starfyre EmptyWed Sep 14, 2011 7:07 am

Name Astrael Starfyre
Age 3 ( appearing as 8 )
Race – celestial dragon
Preferred weapon - longswords, bow
Appearance –

True form - Astrael is a young dragon, but still a hatching, she is dark blue in color with sapphire eyes and a white underbelly, fairly sharp fangs and claws, and long titular wings under bright light, or at night her scales often shimmer like stars. she can fly but can only bear one person. she is about the size of a large dog

human form - she is rarely seen in her human form appearing as a young girl, unless she is on her own. Her hair is long and light blue or white in color, her eyes a blue-gray color, and elf-like ears. she often wears a white robe and carries with her a longsword in the shape of a dragon's fang left to her by her parents named Brisingr(fire), and a bow named Aiedail (morning star) by a close friend. in her human form she can use summons and is often seen with a crystal or silver dragon.

Persona - she is a kind, and gentle soul but due to the past she is hard at trusting others, the experience has left her cold, but wanting a new friend. she will fight to protect her allys as the pain of her past is too great to bear to lose another ally when one is obtained. she is also curious about trying new things and will often lead to using her claws or fangs. She only gives a few warnings before resorting to her attacking or if aggression or hostility is felt.

social site name* - janlukky , Novadragon1000 ( youtube)
History* -

she is the princess of the clan's leaders, at a young age Astrael's real parents was killed in a war, with no one to turn to she had learn to survive on her own, all was going well until one day the same hunters who took her parents' life attack her clan, she did her best to defend the clan but was defeated. she was later found by a elf and taken in with them, during the time she took into a humanoid form and learned magic and summoning. giving her the use of the elements earth, fire, water, wind, thunder, light. she can also do summoning. soon after the elf went on a journey and never returned and again left alone during the process she met a wolf white in color the wolf left her several crystals and weapons before departing. unfortunately she has no memory of her past

Sp skill/bloodline power* – N/A
Clan* - N?A
default artes / battle skills -
Name : Azure Flare
Rank - D
Arte type – sp/bloodline
Description/execution – used mainly in my dragon form , the fires is hot enough to melt anything, can be used as a fire stream or a fireball thrown from mouth.
element- fire
SP effects - burn effect

Name: shooting sonic
Rank - C
Arte type –sp/bloodline
Description/execution – used mainly in my dragon form with the aid of the star sapphire, a relic that i now guard also known as celestial flare this is seen as a stream of fire or light.
element - fire or wind
SP effects

Name: aerial fang
Rank - B
Arte type – physical
Description/execution – user preforms a barrel roll at high speeds as it flys through the air at a target,the attack can be embed with elements making elemental fang 2 at most, attack can cut through all defenses dealing serious damage to victim.
element- none
SP effects - breaks guard

Name Lunar rage.
Rank - D
Arte type – sp/bloodline
Description/execution – user will summon the moon and draw its power powering up all normal and weapon attacks.
element- N/A
SP effects - increases speed and attack power to all her weapon and normal attacks
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astrael starfyre
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